Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DeSoto 5k

This past Saturday I ran in the DeSoto 5k.   It's the first year I've participated but chances are I'll run in it from now on.  One of my friend's runs in it, her parents both grew up in DeSoto and most of her family still lives there.  The reason she runs this each year with her Dad is because her Uncle actually organizes the race.  

This year, not only did I run it, but so did my friend's sister.   I had planned to run with my friend, right now she's at a slower pace than me but she's also pushing a running stroller and just had her baby 4 months ago.  I can't expect her to be back in perfect running condition right away now can I?   However, when we got there her sister asked me what my pace was.  I told her around 9:06/mile the last time I ran.   She then wanted to  pace herself with me, saying she's been running about 8:30/mile.  I said sure, why not.  It might make me run a bit faster and it gives her sister somebody to run with.

Now, I should mention that this was a very small race.  I normally run 2 per year that are rather huge, so this was different for me.    Anyway, her sister and I had a good pace and felt good the first half.  Then the second half we realized we didn't see many other females ahead of us.  Hmm...   we could see 2 ahead of us.  We decided to pick them off.  We increased our speed and soon passed one girl.  We could see the other one and we were gaining but not by much.  The finish was getting close so I said "you see it?" and increased my speed.   My friend's sister increased hers as well and we were able to pass the other girl.   Then we got to the finish and my friend's sister started to sprint.  I soon followed but couldn't reach her.  However, the last girl we passed had also started to sprint and neither of us realized it.  She passed me right at the finish line!  Oh it was so frustrating!!!!!  Yet, I congratulated her because she did awesome and really kicked it in to gain on us.

We got our numbers and realized that my friend's sister came it at 16, the other girl came in at 17, and I was 18.   Then we got our times and we couldn't believe it!  My friend's sister came in at 26:28, the other girl came in at 26:29, and I was 26:30.  We were all so freaking close!   Plus, the best news is that the pace for me was 8:48/mile, the fastest I have ran since I competed in High School!!  I couldn't believe it and was giddy!     I'm also happy to report that my friend came in just under 30 minutes, although I can't remember the exact time.  That's awesome!  Especially when you factor in that her daughter is only 4 months old and she was pushing a running stroller.

I am also happy to report that while we weren't the top girls to come in, I did place 3rd for my age devision.  I got lucky and the runner who passed me was a bit older and in the next age devision.

(I'm #18)

Seriously, I had a runners high all freaking day on Saturday.  In fact..I still have a bit of a runner's high.  If you have never experienced a runner's high, you are really missing out. It's the best feeling in the world.  I've played soccer and while I love to win and it feels good to win a game, it's nothing in comparison to a runner's high.

I'm thinking of doing a 10 mile race in November.  It's the longest mileage I'll have done.  I haven't completely convinced myself I can do it but I did run 5 miles this morning instead of my normal 4.

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