Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pregnancy and working out

Running at the gym in March, final leg
of an indoor sprint triathlon
I've done posts before mentioning how I was working out while I was pregnant.  I was very happy that I was able to work out the entire time.  In fact, I ran 5 miles the day before I started having contractions.  I suppose that's about as close as somebody can get.

I took the time not too long ago to actually figure out how many miles I did while I was pregnant.

My total mileage: 1,172.61
Running: 564.92
Swimming: 29.49
Biking: 566.15
Walking: 12.05 (this was when I set out to run but had to walk instead)

I am so happy with how well I did.  My goal had been to work out till February.  February came and went and I was still movig well.  The further along in the pregnancy I got the worse I felt, major pains.  However the baby was safe so I handled it. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Some days we just need to cry

As you know from my posts while I was pregnant, I've been deeling with a lot of depression issues.  I had hoped once R was born and the hormones leveled out I would be ok.  That hasn't been the case. I had postpardum depression really bad.  I know a lot of those can be caused by the hormones but I also know a lot of it was just dealing with my issues, the same things bothering me while I was pregnant.   I believe most of the postpardum issues have passed however I'm still dealing with depression.  Even though I'm breastfeeding I had to admit the problems were bad enough that I needed help and went on medication. It's not something I'm proud of, it's not something I'm happy about, but it's something I had to do.

Postpardum depression or any postpardum issues, while you hear about them more often they are still very taboo.  Nobody wants to admit that they have trouble adjusting.  I don't want to admit that I have trouble adjusting.  Yes, I said have because I'm still having some issues.  I plan to do a series of posts just talking about some of my issues.  Not only does it help me to talk about them but I think it will help others to realize they aren't alone.  

So lucky readers, are you ready?  You better be. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Change the World Wednesday - struggles

Here is the challenge for this week:
This week, suggest a challenge. This can be a repeat of a past challenge, a version of something we've already done or something completely new ... anything which you feel we should address.

And/Or ...

Tell us about something you're struggling with ... a green-living activity which is difficult to adopt in your life.

This is a good challenge from Reduce Footprints this week.   I think I've got an answer for both. Look at me coming back with a punch!

The challenge I would suggest is for those who have kids.  Think of something involving your kids that creates waste or is environmentally unfriendly.  How could you change this?   If you don't have kids, do you know people who do and do they do anything you could recommend for us?  

As for something I struggle with, that would be composting.  I have a couple of yogurt containers that I saved and when I have waste for the compost bin I put it in the containers.  Then the containers sit there because I'm too lazy to walk them outside to put in the compast bin.  The containers do have lids, so it's not like it's stinky.  Well..then the containers fill up.  I still don't take them to the compost bin.  That means any more waste I have ends up going in the normal trash.  I know it's just a lazyness thing. I know it would only take me a couple minutes to take it outside and dump it.  I don't know why I don't just do it.    I try to make the effort and I'll do really good for a couple weeks, then I let it slide again.    The good thing is that I know it's a struggle and I'm making the effort.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And...we're back

It's been an interesting 11 weeks, well, almost 12 weeks.   As you can imagine we've spent the time getting the household adjusted to life with a baby.  I would like to say adjustment went well, for the most part it did.  However I suffered from horrible postpartum issues.  I'm still having some issues but luckily things are getting better.  It doesn't come as any surprise to Husband or my Dr. that I would have had a rough time, they were both expecting it. 

I hope to get back into the swing of things updating this blog regularly, I promise not to talk about R non-stop. However be prepared to deal with me talking about my running.  That's been an interesting adventure.

So I suppose this is your warning..watch out readers...I'm baaack.  To sweeten the deal, I promise to post a heck of a yummy recipe soon.