Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Change the World Wednesday - struggles

Here is the challenge for this week:
This week, suggest a challenge. This can be a repeat of a past challenge, a version of something we've already done or something completely new ... anything which you feel we should address.

And/Or ...

Tell us about something you're struggling with ... a green-living activity which is difficult to adopt in your life.

This is a good challenge from Reduce Footprints this week.   I think I've got an answer for both. Look at me coming back with a punch!

The challenge I would suggest is for those who have kids.  Think of something involving your kids that creates waste or is environmentally unfriendly.  How could you change this?   If you don't have kids, do you know people who do and do they do anything you could recommend for us?  

As for something I struggle with, that would be composting.  I have a couple of yogurt containers that I saved and when I have waste for the compost bin I put it in the containers.  Then the containers sit there because I'm too lazy to walk them outside to put in the compast bin.  The containers do have lids, so it's not like it's stinky.  Well..then the containers fill up.  I still don't take them to the compost bin.  That means any more waste I have ends up going in the normal trash.  I know it's just a lazyness thing. I know it would only take me a couple minutes to take it outside and dump it.  I don't know why I don't just do it.    I try to make the effort and I'll do really good for a couple weeks, then I let it slide again.    The good thing is that I know it's a struggle and I'm making the effort.


  1. Welcome Back, Kris!! I've missed you! You know ... this is a little freaky but just today I was thinking about you and wondering how it was all going ... and then ... a comment from you! Maybe it's just great minds, huh?

    I really like doing this challenge every once in awhile because it focuses on what people are dealing with. I've heard other parents talk about the waste involved in raising kids ... so that's an excellent challenge (stay tuned ... you'll see it in the future). And composting ... I soooo know that feeling. I have a container w/lid in my kitchen for composting but when it's full ... I just don't get it out to the compost bin in a timely manner ... and, as I'm tossing some scraps in the trash, I think ... oh, I really need to do that. I think the problem is not so much a laziness issue but rather that it's not a big thing so bigger things take priority. Okay ... I'm with you on this one! This week ... I'm going to think about you and hopefully that will motivate me to empty the compost container! :-)

  2. Aww...Thanks for thinking of me! I'm glad I'm not the only one with the composting issue. I think you are right, it's just not high up on the list of priorities. and a little bit of being lazy. haha