Friday, October 1, 2010

September Coupon Savings

September was a weird month for me, regarding coupon savings and grocery shopping etc.   I thought I would end up way below by monthly goal because I wasn't doing much shopping at the drug stores, but I ended up doing a lot of extra shopping at the grocery stores and that caused me to spend more than I expected

My monthly goal is to spend no more than $330 on groceries and drug store purchases (my normal stores are CVS, Walgreens, and Target).

I ended up spending $319.33.
This is still under my goal but more than I had expected for September.

I saved $126.40 in coupons and rebates.  This month that number does include two rebates that were received, the total for the rebates was $17.99.    I ended up saving an additional $18.96 due to advertised savings (when known..which means at CVS and Walgreens usually).

Overall..not the best month I've had this year but I stayed below my goal and that makes me happy.  I know a big reason why I didn't do as well as expected was because I was in a cake decorating class this month and that caused me to buy a lot of powdered sugar, some butter, etc.  since I had to make large amounts of icing each week and baked goods.

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