Monday, December 6, 2010

Coupon Savings for November

I just realized I never created a post regarding my coupon savings and budget spending for November.

The good thing about November is that retailers are more likely to have coupons which helps with my holiday spending, er, savings.

My goal is to keep all the grocery (including dog food) and health/beauty spending under $350/month.  This year I was able to keep that goal by only spending $271.57.

I ended up saving $214.58 by using coupons and an additional $93.03 in advertised savings (when known).  This makes it a total of $307.61 saved for the month.  I just love when the amount saved is more than the amount spent!

Only one more month for the year and it will be difficult to stay within the budget.  Husband and I are hosting my family for Christmas this year, so I'll have a lot of food to buy.

Do any of you keep track of your spending?  How did you do this past month?

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