Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I geeked out over fun running tools

I know I really geek out over something when I tell one of my friends about it thinking he would totally get it and be on board with me, and he isn't, and confirms that I really did geek out.

Here's what happened.  I was playing around in the training software I installed on my laptop where I can upload  data from my Garmin Forerunner 305.  I realized that there is an option to view your runs with Google Earth.  Of course I had to install Google Earth!

Then, I later whent for a run at Castlewood Park, where I have a race in February.  I set out to do 6 miles on at least part of the official course.

Later that day I was uploading my data and looking at it via Google Earth and had a great idea!  I remembered seeing a map of the course for the run on the Big River Running website.  I thought maybe it was a Google Earth map.  So I pulled it up.  So I kept it up and I brought up my run from earlier that day.  And then I spent about 15 min comparing the two. zoom in, zoom out.  zoom in, zoom out.  Move the map around.  Ponder.  Get nervous that the two large hills I attempted to run up were indeed part of the course.  Zoom out.  Explain to Husband how awesome it was that I could compare the two.  Go back to my maps when he doesn't share my excitement.    I then got really excited knowing that each time I ran at the park and attempted to run parts of the course (remember..I get lost the majority of the time I run here..especially if I'm trying to do a new route) I could compare the two and see how I did.  I could then know how to change my run the following weekend.   My goal is to be able to run the full course, without walking any hills, and at my 10 mile race pace, before the actual trail race.

I really don't know why it is I like to view all my running stats and view them, like I really know what I'm looking at.  Like I really am an elite athlete in training.  All I know, is that I do. And it's a lot of fun.  And I'm a total geek.

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