Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zoya Fingernail Polish - try some for (almost) free

I was introduced to the Zoya company last year when I was able to purchase some products at a huge discount  this past November. I used the fingernail polish a couple of times, the remover once, and have been meaning to blog a review since.  I didn't blog about the deal last November because I had not used the product yet and didn't want to recommend something I had no experience with.  They have another deal right now and this time around I can happily recommend them.

Zoya offers a HUGE line of fingernail polish.  The zoya company is
the first to remove toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) from its formulations

Did you know formaldehyde is in your normal fingernail polish? I bet you didn't.  Kinda scary huh?    I wanted to try the Zoya brand because it didn't contain any toxic ingredients.  I tend to wear fingernail polish the majority of the time, only times I don't wear it is when I want to give my nails a break and leave it off for about a week, which happens once a month or so.   So for me, finding a fingernail polish without the harmful chemicals was important.

I've worn two of the colors that I bought from Zoya. I kept each one on my nails for 2 weeks.  I used their base coat and top coat, as well as the color itself.  After the 1st week the tips were a bit chipped but not bad enough for me to remove the color. It wasn't too  noticeable and I wanted to see how much longer I could wear it.  It lasted another week before I had to remove it because it was pretty chipped.  I should note that I'm hard on my nails.  After using their nail polish twice, I used an OPI nail polish, and it was chipped and I was ready to remove it before a week was up.  I used the Zoya base and top coat with the OPI color also.  In my book, Zoya was the much better product and lasted much longer.

For me, I'll be buying Zoya from now on instead of other brands available.   I do realize I'll have to order it online since it's not available in local stores, but I'm ok with that.

Now, I did mention there's another deal going on right now.  I read about the deal on The Crunch Wife and wanted to spread the word (after I ordered some more polish for myself).    You are able to get 3 FREE bottles of the nail polish (they retail for $7/each) by using the code FB2011 during checkout.  The only thing you will pay is shipping, which for me was $6.95.    While you are placing an order, if you need more fingernail polish remover I do recommend theirs, it worked great.    Oh, and I believe the coupon is only good  until January 7th.


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