Thursday, June 30, 2011

Change the World Wednesday - proudest green achievement

This week's Change the World Wednesday with Reduce Footprints is:

This week we'd like to hear about your proudest "green" achievement. Perhaps you started a compost for the first time or purchased organic food. Maybe you stopped driving a car or added solar panels to your home. It could be as small as carrying a reusable bag or as large as building an energy efficient home. Whatever your proudest Eco-friendly achievement is ... we want to know about it. Please leave details and tips/ideas so that we can all celebrate with you and perhaps try the activity ourselves.

I would have to say that my proudest green achievement is getting my Grandparents to recycle.   Sure, they still don't do it 100% of the time, but they do it more than they used to.   My Grandma will sometimes also save things and wait for me to show up and them she'll be like "Ah-ha! Look at what I'm going to recycle!".  I don't want to say it's a game, but it kind of is.  Whenever I'm at their house if I notice something in the trash that can be recycled, I take it out and give my Grandma "trouble", and if she saves something while I'm over she makes sure that I see it.  I mostly just like that they now think about it and make an effort to recycle.

Also, I have to mention my vegetable garden. It's not doing too great, but I'm trying. I haven't had a vegetable garden since I was young and my Mom would grow tomatoes and I would sometimes water them. So I guess that doesn't really count as me having one when I was  young.   This year I have 4 tomato plants, two strawberry plants, and 1 pepper plant. I attempted lettuce, that didn't work out well. Then I lost the rest of the seeds so I haven't tried it again.  I feel good that I'm even attempting a vegetable garden, no matter how small it is.  We all have to start somewhere don't we?  (It goes without saying that I used all organic soil too.)

 I would mention my blackberry bush, but I've already done a post on that.  I have to admit that I look at it every day though and I can't wait for the blackberries to be ready for picking. They are all reddish/pinkish and I'm enjoying watching the colors change as the fruit ripens.


  1. Excellent, Kris - I think your achievement is definitely worth celebrating. It's huge that you have influenced your grandparents to recycle and I love that you and they and have turned it into a game of sorts. That makes it fun and a practice which everyone will keep.

    I loved your comment about watching the blackberry bush ... my mom and I were talking about that very subject today. She has berry bushes in her back yard and, like you, she watches them and can't wait until they are ripe enough to eat. For me, watching the plants is half the fun ... it's amazing to see all the changes a plant goes through to finally become something we eat.

  2. I Love that you've kept your Grandma on her toes with recycling and you highlight an important thing that teasing her and having a bit of fun is the key to success. Congrats on your gardening too - we all have to start somewhere :)

  3. Thanks Rae! I think you are right, making it fun is what has really helped. I'm happy with the gardening so far! I'm getting a ton of blackberries and 4 tomato's so far.