Monday, July 18, 2011

CTWW - no plastic?

I'm a "tad" late in getting out my Change the World Wednesday post for last Wednesday.    Here's the challenge as it was given to us last week:

This Week's Challenge:

So ... are you ready for another challenge? How about a tough challenge ... a real tough challenge ... one that will definitely "test your metal"? Are you up for it? I know that you are. Here it is:

This week refuse to buy anything which is, or which comes in, plastic. Instead, opt for Eco-friendly items and packaging ... or do without.

UP THE ANTE: Jessica is upping the ante and challenges us to make our own reusable, bulk product bags. You can see her efforts HERE. Whose going to take her up on her challenge?? Thanks, Jessica!

I didn't actually read the challenge last week.  However, I did go grocery shopping on Thursday and admit that I 1)brought my own bags to the grocery store and 2) that includes re-usable bags for produce.     I believe a couple things might have come in plastic (cheese and milk and bread) but most of what I bought was not in plastic.   I' going to keep this challenge in mind though for when I head to the store this week when I shop for the pool party we are having Saturday.  I'm interested to see how well I can do.

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