Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CTWW - Lightbulbs

It's been a long time since I updated this blog!  I'm sure you all missed me (cough cough).  Things have been pretty crazy for me lately but I hope this is a start to me being able to update my blog more frequently again.

This week, replace at least one incandescent bulb in your home with either a CFL or LED bulb.

OR ...

If you accomplished this challenge when we first ran it in July of 2009 (or before) ... or if you felt, at that time, that you couldn't participate ... we'd like to know how it's gone since then. Are you using Eco-friendly bulbs ... why or why not? Do you prefer CFLs or LEDs ... and why? If you're using Eco-friendly bulbs, have you noticed a decrease in your electric bill? Do you recycle bulbs ... if so, where? We'd like to know where you're at now in regards to light bulbs.

UP THE ANTE (On the Halloween challenge): Argentum Vulgaris challenges us further. Here it is: Don’t buy anything that is used only once for Hallowe’en! Make, or use what you have. Who's going to take him up on this one??

I didn't participate in this challenge before, wasn't doing the CTWW posts back then.  I struggle with doing it now.  As light bulbs burn out we do replace them with a more eco-friendly option.  However, I won't replace a lightbulb that is currently already working.

So here's why I won't participate in this challenge this week (unless a lightbulb burns out).  I realize that replacing a lightbulb with a more eco-friendly option will save me money as far as electricity goes.  I can't get past the idea of replacing a lightbulb that isn't currently broken.  It's working, why replace it?  To me this seems like a waste.   Why would I throw away or get rid of something that works?

Maybe you all know something I don't know, maybe there is a really good reason why I should replace existing working bulbs with new ones.    Till you change my mind, I'll leave things as they are.


  1. I agree it's madness to replace something that is in perfect working order. The only solution if you wanted to do this earlier than necessary to start reducing your energy bills; would be to gift the old bulbs to friends or on Freecycle - that way everyone is happy :)

    Warm wishes
    Rae aka Mrs Green

  2. This is a tough one ... and I don't really know the answer. On the one hand, using a CFL or LED would save energy. On the other hand, tossing out a working bulb is wasteful and adding a new CFL bulb is adding new stuff to the mix. I think I fall on the side of replacing bulbs only when they burn out.

    Nice to have you back! :-)

  3. Small Footprints - it's good to be back!

    I'm glad you guys are with me too..that just replacing to replace would be wasteful.

    I do like Rae's idea of gifting them though. I might have to consider that.