Wednesday, September 15, 2010's me again....Hello..anybody out there?

Yes..once again I'm going to try a blog that doesn't relate to reading.  A blog that relates to, well, me.

Hello?  Are you still there?   Oh good!

Here's the thing. I had this blog awhile ago, but didn't update it much and didn't really have any followers.  So I cancelled it and decided one blog was good enough for me.

However, here's the problem, now I'm finding that there are things I want to talk about and list but they have nothing to do with books!   I don't want the book blog followers to be inundated with those posts if they are only there for the books.  So I've not been posting them.

I finally decided that once again I would attempt to write another blog that doesn't really follow a specific topic.  Unless you want to assume that I'm the topic.  This blog will be about me.  Things that make me happy.  Things that are going on right now in my life.  Things that matter to me.     Never fear, I still will create my Friday Smile posts for my book blog.  I do get comments on that one and I think people like it.

So please sit back and enjoy the ride!


  1. Good luck with the new blog! I can barely keep up one.

  2. Thanks Bermudaonion! I'm going to try and write several posts ahead of time for this one. I have a lot of stuff already jotted down that I want to talk about, so I should be set for awhile. This is when having a job where I can be online a lot and doing my own thing, as long as my work is done, comes in handy.