Friday, September 17, 2010

Topics and things to come

I'm working on creating a list of topics that I hope to have regular posts about on this blog. I hope this sparks some interest for you.

Coupons and Frugality - Why? I'm an avid coupon user and I'm a frugal shopper. It just seems fitting that I would talk about it here. I actually keep track of the amount saved using coupons each month, so one thing you can expect to see is a monthly update with how well (or bad!) I did that month. I don't plan on posting weekly deals though because there are already so many blogs that do that. Now, if I have an especially awesome trip..I might just have to blog about that.

Bucket List – I haven't officially created a bucket list nor do I feel the need or desire too. However, I was thinking about this one day and realized that so far if I was to make a list, the only things on it would be places I would like to travel to. Haha!

EcoFriendly – For those who know me in real life, then you know what an avid recycler I am. I'm also slowly working on replacing disposable items with re-usable items. So sometimes I'll talk about what I'm doing and sometimes I'll talk about a new product I've been using. I'm also trying to use homemade cleaning solutions around the house, so when I find some I like I'll share.

Workouts – I'm an avid runner. I think most of you know that already. What you might not know is that this year I've been working on eating healthier as well. I'll probably have some posts about my running, maybe what workouts I'm doing, what healthy foods I'm finding I like or don't like etc. I won't be preaching though, no worries there.

Misc – I'm sure there will be a lot of misc stuff too! You just never know what I'll post.


  1. My husband hates coupons. I've tried telling him how much we save with them but I can't get it through his head. Well, unless it's for something completely free...

  2. What exactly is it about husbands and coupons? Mine isn't all on board with it either...and would make fun of me all the time (so would his parents). So last year I kept track of how much I saved by using coupons and came out to around $2,000. Needless to say he doesn't make fun of me anymore and will, in fact, ask if I have coupons before going out to eat. He will also ask if I have a coupon for something that he wants and if we need something for the house, although not right away, when I say I will probably have a coupon for that store or item within the month, he always agrees to wait now.