Monday, October 18, 2010


This past weekend I watched Food, Inc.  Have any of you seen that documentary?  If watching it doesn't cause you to make the life changes you've thought about or cause you to really look at what you are eating and try to eat healthier, I don't know what will.

For those of you who haven't seen this documentary yet, here's the trailer from it's website.

I know it took me awhile to watch this one, I think part of it was that I didn't want to know.  Ignorance is bliss, or so the saying goes.    I finally decided, after reading a bit online, that it was time I saw this one.

Fortunately, I wasn't really surprised by what I learned because I had read similar things already.  I have a feeling if Husband watched it he would be shocked. In fact, I tried to get him to watch it and he wouldn't. I think he believes ignorance is definitely bliss when it comes to the food he's eating.

The past 4 months or so I've been making slow changes in what foods I buy and what I'll eat.  I can promise you that I'll be making even more changes now.

One thing that has kept me from buying organic fruits and veggies up till this point is mostly the price.  Some things I do because the price isn't that different, but mostly I wasn't. I also had this mentally of "What does it matter, I'm only one person out of millions, I won't make a difference, the big companies don't care about me".  I liked that the documentary does actually address this.  We do influence companies based on what we buy.  If we keep buying the processed foods and the stuff that's bad for us, they will keep making it.  If we make the effort to stop buying soda, they'll stop making it. If we make the effort to buy cage-free, vegetarian eggs, that's the majority of what you will see.    If we make the effort to buy only grass-fed beef, we'll see more of it.    Plus, it's so much better for my health.  Once you realize the chemicals and other things that end up in the normal foods you eat, paying more to eat healthier doesn't seem all that bad.

Have you seen this documentary?  Did you make any changes after doing so?
If you haven't seen this documentary, any interest in seeing it? Why or why not?

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