Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Blog Hop

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This past weekend I started thinking about cotton balls.  I don't like paying for them because I use them and throw them away.  Yet, what else could I use to remove eye makeup? It has to be something soft because it's around my eyes.  I would have to own plenty of them so I could use once and then throw in the wash. Plus, I would want something that could be used to remove makeup or for anything else I might use cotton balls for, such as cleaning a scrape (I'm very accident prone..or as Husband would say, I'm a klutz).

Then I decided to check out Etsy.  I love Etsy.  I not only like to buy things handmade, but sometimes I like to get ideas from it.  shh...don't tell.   So I did a search for makeup remover and found some great ideas!  Then I did a search on google and found other ides.  Some people suggest cutting up a cotton shirt you will no longer use.  Others recommend using scraps of material laying around.

I personally thing any cotton shirts I own wouldn't be soft enough for me, I guess I'm being picky.  Some of the Etsy items were made from terry cloth and looked really soft. I bet those would be nice.   I also don't have scraps of material laying around since up till now I haven't sewed much.  The material I have recently bought wouldn't be soft enough either.   I think I'll go to the fabric store and hut down some fabric to buy and try making my own.  If that doesn't work, I'll buy from Etsy, the prices seem very reasonable to me.  I love the idea of taking something I already own and making it into a makeup remover, I just don't have any clothes soften enough to use or any clothes that are so worn I can't wear them or give them away.

If interested to see what I found on Etsy, click here.  There are some shops that I liked their items more than others, but since I haven't actually tried any yet I didn't want to single out specific stores.

Do you use something other than cotton balls around the house?  If so, please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you use.


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