Monday, October 4, 2010

Reusable bags - including produce bags!

I don't know if any of you are Jasmere followers or fans, but today's special is pretty cool.  Jasmere is similar to Groupon except that it doesn't have to be a local company.  If you aren't familiar with either of those, let me explain briefly.  Jasmere has a deal of the day.  The more people who sign up for the deal and agree to purchase it, the cheaper the cost is. What you are buying is a credit, basically, for the company at a discounted price.  It will make sense, trust me. I'm probably just not good at explaining it.

The whole reason for this post, however, is because I purchased the deal for today and I like the concept and think you would too.   The company being highlighted today is flip & tumble. I have not used the products from this company yet but I have used similar ones and that's what prompted me to get this.  

At first I wasn't going to buy into this deal, even though the cost was reasonable.  It is currently $15 for a $35 credit.   However, I decided to look at the store online and saw that they had produce bags.  Oh my goodness! I love my produce bags and could see where more would come in handy.

Produce bags you ask?  What, pray tell, are those?  Well, if you follow "green" then you know that plastic bags in the landfills are horrible.  They don't break down, they just stay there..forever.  For about 4 years now I have been using my own bags for shopping.  However that didn't include produce.  I'm like the normal shopper, I pick out my lettuce, grab a plastic bag that the grocery store provides, and away we go.   I never thought twice about it until I saw a review for product bags on a blog I follow and I was like..oh..hello..plastic!  Yuck!  I brought product bags within a 2 weeks.  I've been using them ever since and I love them.  I have some that are a tighter weave for things like lettuce, and some that are more like a mesh bags for things like potatoes and fruit.    I've been meaning to buy more, because sometimes I don't have enough.  

flip & tumble sells produce bags! (the picture above links to the picture on their website)  The bags are $11 for 5 bags.  That's a pretty good price, in fact I think it's cheaper than what I paid for the 3 that I have.   So I immediately went back to Jasmere and bought my credit.  For $35, I can buy more product bags to make sure I never run out and buy a couple other bags as well.

Now, the great thing about their other re-usable bags are that they fold up into a ball and it's easier to stash.  I personally have a small bag that folds up into itself similar to this and it's incredibly light and I keep it in my purse at all times.  I can't tell you how often this has come in handy and I'm glad I had it.   They have a cute video on their home page showing how the bags fold up.

I hope you will consider purchasing this item from Jasmere.  While I count vouch for this specific company, I can vouch for product bags in general and it's a great way to be even "greener".

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