Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Change the World Wednesday - post for 2 weeks

Update from last week (which I missed posting):
I skipped participating two weeks ago, mostly because the goal had been to visit a goodwill or resale place.  Buy something used instead of something new.    I hadn't visited a shop like that in years and hadn't been able to visit one last week either, so I ended up not participating.

I did, however, stop buy a Goodwill place this past weekend to drop off some clothes and decided to go in.  I was hoping there would be a large selection of items other than clothes, but was disappointed.  Clothes were the largest selection, toys being the second.   I honestly doubt I'll shop there again.  Nothing grabbed my interest, most of what was there were things that I wouldn't buy, new or used.   As for the clothes, I'm picky when it comes to clothes. I have a hard time shopping for clothes at places like that, even retail stores, where the clothes are all lumped together and I have to look at each one to see if I would like it.  I prefer to see the item of clothing, then see all the colors it's offered in. Do you know what I mean?  Where the table has the same item, I don't have to look at each item folded on that table, each stack is the same item.  Anyway, I realize I could get some deals if I used re-sale shops, but it's just not for me.  Or maybe it's this particular shop that isn't for me. It's the closest one to my house which is why I stopped at it.

On to this week!
(or was that last week...)Where I still haven't completed the challenge but plan to.  This week's challenge was:
This week, plant something edible indoors (in your homes, offices, schools, etc.). Some ideas are lettuce, herbs, spinach, kale, and even tomatoes.

OR ...

If this is something you already do, we want to hear about it. Please tell us which items you grow, share any tips for success and comment on your overall feelings about the process.

I don't already do this.  I had thought briefly of growing herbs but then never have. Of course, I think that's because I've never thought of doing it inside.   So I've been thinking about it with this challenge and feel like herbs would the easiest thing to start with.   I had hoped to stop at a local hardware store this past weekend and pick up some seeds but didn't get the chance too.  So while I didn't officially plan anything, I've been preparing for it.

I picked the spot: the windowsill for the window above the sink in the kitchen.  This way it's a daily reminder that I need to take care of them and I have no excuse for not watering, etc.

I picked what the plant them in: I saved several food cans that were used this past week.  Instead of recycling them, I washed them out and plan to put the seeds in those.  I'll make them pretty..probably paint them.

That's about it!  I'm all ready to start, I just need the seeds.


  1. Great idea about reusing the tin cans! That would be so pretty and can go with any decor. Ohh and I just love shopping at the second hand stores... and I need to get my donations over there as well... Thanks for sharing,

  2. newmami_rgv - I thought I was being rather creative with the cans myself. lol! Actually, what it boiled down to was that actually plant pots wouldn't really fit on the window sill, and I'm too cheap to buy them. However food cans..now this fit without a problem and I've already paid for them, so why not re-use them? I wish I liked second hand stores, I truly do, I just haven't gotten into them yet..I guess.