Friday, November 19, 2010

Glee Gum - a review

I recently read a review of Glee Gum over at Tips 4 Green. I was anxious to try the gum since it is free of aspartame, something I can find in all the gum for sale at major stores (such as Walgreens, Target, etc).  I looked on the Glee Gum website and found that their gum is sold at Whole Foods. Now I'm really excited because I love to shop at Whole Foods.  I was at the store this past Tuesday and picked up a packet of Glee gum in the spearmint flavor.  It cost $0.79 for 18 pieces, which I thought was decent since other popular brands cost over $1.00 for 18 pieces.

Unfortunately, the gum didn't live up to my expectations.  I chewed one piece and it was so small it was like I wasn't even chewing on anything.  Plus, there was hardly any flavor.  The gum also got hard rather quickly.   Next time I tried chewing two pieces at once.  While this made the gum the right size, for me, the flavor wasn't improved.  Plus, because I'm now chewing 2 pieces at once, I really only get 9 uses out of this gum (in fact, I only have 2 pieces left and I've only been chewing it for 3 days).

The flavor is not very strong and is gone within a minute.  That doesn't cut it for me.  I chew gum at work to help with bad breath after I eat. Since I eat every 3 - 3.5 hours,  this is at least 3 times during the day.  The gum doesn't work for what I need/want it for.

I'm really sad to have to report that the gum didn't work for me.  I really wanted to support this company and chew a gum with no aspartame.

Have any of you tried this gum, this specific flavor, and been happy with it?  If so feel free to leave a comment so others can get another review of this gum.  

I haven't given up on this gum completely, yet.  I'm going to buy the peppermint flavor to see if that is more to my liking.

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