Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yellow Pages, I don't need no stinking yellow pages (or..How to stop home delivery of the Yellow Pages)

I can't remember where I first read about somebody wanting to opt out from receiving the yellow pages that are delivered to your home. I'm sure it was on a post for Change the World Wednesday, but can't be sure.

Anyway, today I went on a hunt. How can I do this? I never use the Yellow pages, why would I when I could just look it up online.  Not every place will take the yellow pages to be recycled either, so they either end up collecting dust in my closet or I put them in a recycling bin hoping they can be recycled.  Wouldn't it be better for the world if I just didn't receive one at all?

I went online to the local phone company that publishes one of the two phone books I receive.  I didn't find anything so I did a search on their website, and didn't find anything.  So I resorted to a google search. 

If it all works out, than by golly, I hit the jackpot!

Check out this link for Yellow Pages Goes Green

On the home page there is a link you can click on that says "Stop home delivery of your local yellow pages".
Once you click on that you then have to click on another image but finally you are on a page where you can enter your zip code. Once you do that and hit enter it will display the companies that publish/deliver the yellow pages in your area.  

For me, they provided the company name, phone number, and a link.  One of the links took me to an opt-out form.  The link for the other company took me to a page where I could fill out a form to tell them how many phone books I wanted.  I wasn't sure about this one at first because it needed my name, phone number, email address, and delivery address.  Then just gave an option for submit but there wasn't anything for the number of copies I wanted.  I clicked submit anyway to see what happened and that did take me to a page where I could request how many of each directory I wanted, which I changed to zero.  

Since I just did this today, I can't tell you if it worked or not.  However, I have my fingers crossed that it will. I still wanted to share this info, though, so you can do the same if you wish. 

Last but not least, on the website the following info was listed as to why it's a good idea to opt out and I thought we would all agree with it:

Why opt out?
  • Helps conserve energy - companies that print them are burning up 3.2 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • Saves trees - companies that print yellow pages had more than 19,000,000 trees destroyed.
  • Saves Fuel - companies that print yellow pages are wasting 7,200,000 barrels of fossil fuel.
  • Saves time - easier for consumers to find up to date listings online.
  • Good for the environment - stops unsolicited delivery of 540 million books per year.
Bottom line..... It's the right thing to do.


  1. Thanks for this info. It seems these books come all the time, and I'm so sick of it! And I'm upset that my townhouse community refuses to institute a recycling program, but that's another battle.

  2. Diary of an Eccentric - You're welcome! I hope it comes in handy and you stop receiving them soon. That sucks that your townhouse community doesn't have a recycling program too! What morons. :)
    At our last house, I couldn't get recycling pick up either. I called all the trash companies that serviced the area and asked and none offered it! I was lucky that my 2 sisters and my Mom all lived in areas that did though. I would put all my recyclables in paper bags, then when I went to visit them I loaded the bags up in my truck and filled up their recycling containers. lol!

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing this! Friday THREE were left at our house (one at each exterior door).

    We're giving you a blog award. Come over to pick it up then pass it on! :)


  4. Thanks for the award Alison! I'll do a post soon. at each door? Yikes! I guess they really really wanted to make sure you got one. lol