Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Re-post from Eco-Crap: Fiji Water

Eco-Crap: Fiji Water: "I just read that most people regard Fiji as a brand of water from an exotic place. Fiji is a country, a country comprised of about 300 is..."

I think Argentum Vulgaris summed up his views on buying bottled water pretty well in the above post when he said: "What's wrong with bloody tap water, I drink it!"

I have to agree with him. I really really don't understand the draw behind bottled water, much less Fiji water. Why pay for that when you can just get it from the tap at home? Worried about it not being as pure and chemical free as you want it? Buy a water filter and use the water from that to fill up a re-usable bottle.

My thought, and part of what I commented on his blog, is this: Somehow we need to make drinking tap water out of a re-usable container cool.
If we can get those in the spotlight to start doing this hopefully those who worship them will do so too.

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