Monday, December 20, 2010

I don't comment on the sh*t you eat, don't comment on what I eat

I don't know if this just happens to me or if this is something that happens to others who eat (mostly) healthy and are fit.

I take my lunch to work 99.9% of the time and I usually take my lunch break around the same time.  This means that the same people are in the lunch room with me.  Some of these people feel that it's appropriate or fun or something to comment on what I eat.  I get the "Eating healthy today?"  or "Oh...that's not on your diet" or, well, various other comments most of the time.

Sometimes when I'm at somebodies house and sweets are around and I ask if I can have one, I get the comment "That's not part of your diet."

These comments are not made lightly, there is a bit of a mean under tone to them.

Here's the thing, I eat relatively healthy.  I made the decision November 2009 to change my eating habits in order to be healthy. I did not set out to lose weight, I didn't really have a need for that. I decided a lifestyle change was in order (don't worry a post about that is coming soon).  I went from eating chips and drinking soda almost every single day to only eating that stuff once a month (as far as soda is concerned) and a couple times a month (as far as chips are concerned).  I eat salad 3 times a week, normally.  This is mostly out of convenience than anything else.  Sure, I like it. If I didn't I would eat it. But it's also cheap and healthy.

I tend not to talk about my eating habits with most people. I know they don't care and some of the changes I've made aren't for them.   I certainly don't talk to those who comment about my food choices about it, unless asked.

So why these people feel the need to comment on what I eat, is beyond me.  I don't like it. It makes me mad. One of the ladies that does this is extremely over-weight and doesn't eat healthy.  I'm thin and eat healthy. When she comments on my food, I feel like looking at hers and saying "Are you going to eat that? I don't think you need it" just to be mean (but I never will). I don't care what she eats, that's her decision, her body, her life. I don't feel it's any of my business.  Yet, she feels the need to comment on mine.  Go figure.

Another thing that happens to me a lot is that people tell me I can "afford" to eat something.  I love sweets, love chocolate and candy.  Part of my lifestyle change was to limit that. Some months I do awesome, some months I don't do so well.  When I'm offered candy and sweets I try to resist. Normally when I resist, people tell me to eat it and that I can afford to eat it and that it's not going to hurt me and that I need it.  Well, I get angry. I usually just laugh it off but inside I'm pissed.  If I ate all the candy and sweets I wanted to, I would be over-weight.  Part of why I'm thin is because I don't eat all that (ok..and I workout).

I really, really just don't understand why my weight and what I eat has to be the topic of conversation with people that I'm not friends with. It's really none of their concern.  All these people know I work out and they see me eat a lot, so it's not like they are concerned I'm not eating or have an eating disorder or am unhealthy about it.

The thing is, they feel it's ok to comment on my weight and my eating habits, however if I decided to start commenting on the eating habits and the weight of people who were over-weight, they would get upset with me and I would be "mean".  Yet when they do it, they don't see it as being mean.

I'm tired of it. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep my mouth shut.

Why is it ok for people to comment on the weight of those who are thin but it's not ok to comment on the weight of those who are overweight?  Ok..stepping off the soap box now.


  1. I hate when people make comments about what people or eat or how much they weigh, regardless of what they are eating or their appearance. I've always been told that if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all, and I try to live that way. People should just mind their own business. If I want to eat a salad or a cheeseburger, who cares? It's not their thighs! LOL

    I think because you're so thin they say those things because they are jealous. It's not right, but when they say those things you should just remember how awesome you look and put it out of your mind. ;)

  2. Anna - I'm glad somebody understands and I feel the same way, they should mind their own business.

    Lol - Perhaps you are right..they are just jealous.

  3. That is extremely rude! I have backed a bit off of my healthy lifestyle, but I remember all the rude comments that people would make. I think that people say things like that because they can not handle their decision to not be healthy. I don't get people sometimes. But I can say that I do not think that you would be out of line if you came up to the same people and commented on them eating chips and fried foods. Not right. And I do believe that there is jealousy. It takes a strong disciplined person to make an effort to be healthy everyday.

  4. I'm glad you understand too Carla. Now that I've finished the p90x I've gotten a lot more relaxed in my healthy lifestyle...I think I need to just do the 90 day program again, nothing like committing to that to jumpstart the healthy lifestyle again.

    I won't say anything to others..because I know how hurtful it is to have them comment on what I eat and I'm just not wanting to do that to them, but sometimes I wish I could without worrying I would hurt their feelings. lol. Maybe next time they are eating mcdonalds I'll tell them I wish I could eat mcdonald's all the time too..but then I wouldn't keep my girlish figure. lol

  5. My thought too Kris was they are jealous. They KNOW they should be eating better and carry less weight but they can't seem to do it so they just lash-out in what they think is a not so mean comment but don't think how the other person feels. You need to come up with a really 'snappy' comeback that would make them think, did she just compliment me or smack me down! LOL I think you look great and you work hard to earn's never an easy thing to stay thin and it IS a choice.

  6. Leeanna - Thanks for the kind words. You are right, it is definitely a choice. Some days I really don't want to work out but do so anyway, and of course I'm always happy I do. I think I will have to come up with a snappy comeback! Great idea.