Monday, January 24, 2011

Workout Mondays - a week in review

I'm going to try a new feature. By saying I'm going to try, that means I'm going to try and actually post it every week. I hope I don't forget.  

As you have probably noticed by now, working out is a big part of my life. I love the way I feel when I'm working out regularly and I love seeing the results.

Mondays will be the day that I do a post regarding how I did the week before and my workout week will run Monday - Sunday.

I hope you enjoy this weekly (I hope!) post!  Maybe you can even play along.  I'll have to work on creating a button. did I do last week?

I didn't go to my soccer game on Thursday because of the snow we got.  Yes, I do play indoor, but my game was after 10pm and I didn't want to be out driving on the roads after getting 6+ inches of snow.  I felt bad, but then was told my team would have to forfeit the game because nobody could make it.

I was lucky enough to be off on the 17th, Monday, and ran at Castlewood Park.  I would have attempted 6-7 miles, but it was a week day and my normal week day distance is around 4 miles, so I stuck with that.  Ok, and fine, the hills at the park are a killer!   I ran 4.5 miles in almost 44 min.  Normally my pace is faster, but it's been slower at this park lately, not really sure why and I don't like it.

I didn't run again till Saturday (I blame the snow).  I need to work up to 9 miles at this park by this time next month, and so far I've done 6. I wanted to get in 7 but because of the snow I only managed 3.89.  There was at least 6 inches of snow and I didn't have a lot of time to run due to other engagements.  It took me 45:56 min to run almost 4 miles.  Slow, yes. But I'm ok considering what I was dealing with.

For now, my cross-training consists of doing different P90X workouts.  I tell myself that I want to alternate these workouts with my running, but find that I often stay in bed and read in the morning instead of getting up to work out. haha!

On Tuesday I did the Chest and Back workout, which left me a bit sore since I'm not doing these workouts regularly.  I also don't do this one in my normal rotation because it's basically pull-ups and push-ups, not my favorite.

Friday I did get up and do a workout, but didn't write it down so I can't remember which one I did.  oops

On Sunday Husband decided we should do the plyometrics workout.  Of course, I'm incredibly sore today since I haven't done that one in a long time, several months.  You try doing almost an hour of squats and lunges and we'll see how you feel the next day.    I also think it's funny that towards the end, one of the circuits he had us doing brought my heart rate up to 245!  Yikes!  That's high.  

So, only two runs last week.  I need to focus on the raining but that's ok.  I did get in 3 cross-training workouts so that's still great.  I can't complain too much since I did work out 5 out of 7 days.

So, how did all you do?

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