Sunday, February 6, 2011

Early February snow storm

I'm guessing a lot of you were effected by the same snow storm that I was last week.  I ended up staying home from work on Tuesday because we were getting ice and my work was closed on Wednesday.  I had shared one photo of the sleet we were got on Tuesday but thought I would share the snow we got the following day.  Of course, since I took these photo's we got another 3 inches yesterday.  So much for the weather people telling us to expect a light dusting. lol

Poor husband did  have to go into work on Wednesday. 

In the top left you can see the 2 corners for the one step leading to the gate. That shows how deep the snow/sleet is right there.  

This would appear like we didn't get a lot of snow, because you can see how Myla's paw prints only go down an inch or so in the snow..but she's standing on several inches of ice.  Also, notice how behind Myla (towards the left) it looks like the snow goes down and there's a big hole?  That's the pool.   This past fall we bought a safety cover and had it installed across the top of the pool, making it flat/even with the concrete.  It's kinda like a trampoline where if a kid or a person would step on it, it would go down but would hold their weight so they don't fall in the pool or water.  Well, notice how low it is.  It's several feet below the edge. eek...I really hope the cover doesn't break under all the weight. 

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