Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Fit Monday - 2/7/2011 update

I don't have too much to update for today, seeing as how I was still taking it easy last week after my OP surgery.   I did reach a breaking point where I knew I just had to get off my butt and try something, I was going a bit nuts.  Yes, it's nice to sit around and be lazy and not work out, but I'm stressing out over the 15k trail run I have later this month.

On Wednesday, I had a snow day from work and decided to attempt a run. I put on my yaktrax and ran in the subdivision.  My plan was to go easy, go slow and take small steps so as to not bother the incision right above my leg.   My goal was to try and do 30 min of exercise.  I made it 20 min before my stomach started to hurt (I have an incision in my belly button and right above my right leg).  I ran a couple more minutes, then turned around and headed back to my house.  I ended up doing 3.04 miles in 31 min.   Unfortunately, I should have rested a couple days longer because my stomach was really sore the rest of the day and Thursday.

I had planned to try another slow, short job on Saturday but woke up to 3 inches of snow so I worked out with my husband instead.  We now have the Insanity dvd's and we did the Cardio Sports Circuit.  I had no set plan as to how long I wanted to work out, I planned to stop if I started to hurt. I made it 40 min.  I only stopped at 40 because the exercise they were doing really used your core and husband thought it best I not do it and I agreed.  The the dog threw up and I cleaned that up while Husband finished the workout, which was just over 50 min.   I was a bit achy the rest of the day, but not bad at all.

Sunday I decided to try another run.  Once again I planned to just run in the subdivision. I was tempted to run at Castlewood but felt it best to stick close to the house in case I started to hurt.  I had planned to take it nice and slow like on Wednesday and once again my goal was 30 min.   I ended up doing 4.04 miles in 35 min.  I didn't realize I was going as fast as I was! I thought for sure I was just poking along.  It was somewhat nicer out, kinda warm actually.  Warm enough that after about 18 min I ran back to the house and removed my jacket, hat and gloves.  At 20 min I wasn't showing signs of hurting, realized I was running close to my normal speed, and decided to set a goal of 4 miles.  It was tough, I wanted to stop after 3 miles but luckily was far enough from the house that it took me about .7 miles to get back to my street, at which point I decided I could handle the extra .3 to make it to 4 miles and ran past my street.

While I'm not achy today, there is one part of my stomach area that if I touch/push it, it hurts like there's a bruise there..although you can't see anything.  I only noticed it because I hit it getting dressed, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed since it doesn't hurt to move around.  So I'll take it easy the next couple of days and then we'll see what happens.   Stay tuned for an update as to what I end up doing next Monday. 



  1. you are putting me to shame. i can only aspire to run the pace you do. i think you are doing great. i have the insanity workouts too. last time i did one i thought i was going to die. maybe i should pull those out again.

    hope you get better soon.

  2. Journey to Green - I guess I shouldn't use a tag that says "get fit" since I'm already there. But I like it and I like having a set day to post about my workouts. lol Thanks! My pace only got better after I started playing soccer last year, it's all the sprinting. Husband says the Insanity workouts are a killer, worse than the P90X ones. It seems to me p90x does more weights than Insanity, although I've only done one Insanity so far. The one we did, I was able to handle it better than Husband and I think it's because I run ( more cardio)so I have more leg muscles and endurance. He does mostly weights. I'm really curious to see what the other Insanity workouts are like. I wore my HR monitor for the one we did and it didn't get too high.