Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change the World Wednesday Month Long Challenge - #20ate

Challenge #1 - February is being chosen by snack food manufacturers as "National Snack Food Month". That means that unhealthy snacks will be unusually promoted and consumers will be encouraged to buy them. Processed foods, especially snacks, are bad for us and bad for the planet. So, let's reclaim February for the good food cause. First, visit #28ate to get the facts and then, participate by taking at least one of the actions they suggest. Come back here and tell us what actions you're taking to support healthy food.

Honestly, there is absolutely no reason to celebrate unhealthy snack food.  While it might taste good, that's the only good thing about it.  The packaging is horrible for the environment and the food itself is horrible for our bodies.  

If you know me, you could point your finger and me and say "You're one to talk." And in the past that would be accurate. I was a junk food addict. I love junk food, it tastes so freaking good. Give me chips any day of the week and you would make me a happy camper.  Cookies?  Yes please.  Chocolate?  Don't even try to sneak past me without offering me some.

Last year I made a big push to stop eating junk food.  I did pretty darn well. I used to eat chips 5 days a week, every day I worked.  I went from 5 to 0.  It was hard, but I did it.   

I'm not saying that I'm completely free of junk food, I'm not.  However I rarely buy it from the grocery store anymore.  When I do it's usually for Husband.  Lately, I've been slipping in the eating healthy area and I've been buying the chips from the vending machine at work.

That's going to stop though.

I detest the big corporations getting together and deciding they want more money and they want more people to buy their unhealthy crap, so they are going to dedicate a month to it and watch the money come in.   Guess what big corporations? You aren't getting any more of my money.   This month I swear off junk food. I will not be buying chips from the vending machine. I will not be buying chips from the grocery store.  I will be buying fresh fruit.  I will eat healthy. 

I hope you will join me.  I hope you will show your support buy also checking out the #20ate blog and read more behind this movement. 

I'll follow up at the end of the month and let you know how I did, hopefully I'll be a success!


  1. I'm taking the challenge. I may fail, but I agree that you are what you eat. I may even go to whole foods twice this month.

  2. Good luck Carla! I'm glad to see you taking on this challenge too. Heck..you can get healthy stuff at normal grocery stores, but I admit to like Whole Foods better. haha