Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Change the World Wednesday - promote Green

This week promote "green" in a manner other than (or in addition to) writing in an Eco-friendly blog. Some suggestions might be to post green-living tips on a public bulletin board, offer to speak to a group about recycling (perhaps at a school or library), enter your green blog into a non-green blog hop, join a non-green forum where you might have the opportunity to introduce green living tips, etc. The idea, here, is to reach people who may not already be part of the "choir". Get creative and let us know what actions you are taking ... and how they work out.

I think of this one as being somewhat easy for me. I tend to talk about recycling and eating locally/organic, and being green fairly often.  Probably to the same people, much to their joy.   I didn't think I did this, but lately I've been paying attention and it's just something that seems to come up fairly often for me.  Like running. I talk about running a lot too even though I know most aren't runners. I apologize. 

I'm not much of a twitter fan, but recently started to use it to get the word out about the CTWW posts.  The good thing is that most of the followers I have aren't due to being green.  I've also started to post on my facebook page about CTWW and linking to the Reduce Footprints blog.  Most of those I'm linked to on facebook aren't because of a green effort either.

As far as those I talk to in person, some are more green than others.  I find that some people take my suggestions and actually thing about it, others don't.  Some feel they need to do more but are overwhelmed with life at the moment, but I hope that by talking to them I at least planted a seed.   

One of my friends recently started to use some cloth diapers.  I doubt I brought it up first, but I know I had mentioned my plan to use cloth when Husband and I have a kid. I know that we talked about a local store called Cotton Babies, that focuses on cloth diapering.  She brought the store up to me mentioning one was going to open soon not too far from where we live (it's actually open at this point) and thought I would be interested in it.  So we ended up having a great discussion about it and while in the back of her mind she had thought about cloth diapering, I really do think after discussing it with somebody who plans to do it and going over the pro's and cons, she made the leap.  She isn't 100% on cloth yet, the cost has kept her from being able to buy as much as she needs, but she does use them as much as possible.

I have talked to a lot of people about eating organic and I do believe I've made a few converts.  Nobody has switched 100%, heck, I haven't even switched 100%, but most have made some changes.  I know I have one person who isn't worried about eating organic, but worries about animals being treated humanly. I've talked to her several times (this week actually!) about local options where she would be better off buying meat.  Of course, I had to mention that going organic with dairy would be a good idea too since it comes from animals. 

I do know that my Mom and my sisters use re-usable bags a lot.  I think they all still use plastic, but it's not as bad.  My  Mom even carries a couple of bags in her purse now. She hasn't told me it's because of me, but I know on several occasions I showed her the ones in my bag when we were out shopping and I wiped one out to use and she always mentioned how it was a good idea.  She even got me a really cool one for Christmas. It folds up really small and is super light weight, but when you un-roll it, it's huge!  I love it!

Now, I have to admit that one of my sister's has me beet in one aspect.  Composting and growing veggies.  Her and her husband have an awesome vegetable (and fruit!) garden.  This year I'll be attempting both myself and look forward to asking her for recommendations.  Last year, she knew I had been interested in blackberries and raspberries.  She grows blackberries and needed to thin out one of her plants and had her husband bring me some.  I was able to plant both and one really really grew! I even got 3 pieces of fruit from it last year, which I picked, washed off, and popped in my mouth.  Yum.     Fun note, her husband brews his own beer and even grows some of his own supplies!  How cool is that!     Oh, and best of all, her kids are involved in this.  The oldest is 5, the middle one is 2.5, and the youngest isn't even 1 year yet.   So while the youngest one hasn't experienced the garden yet, he will.   I know that after dinner, they will go outside and pick blackberries for dessert (when in season).  I imagine they help to pick the tomatoes and other items too.  


  1. I love how you pay attention to the opportunities to talk "green" and then gently plant the seed. I also think that leading by example is so important ... every time you take out your reusable bag, someone notices ... and maybe they'll make the switch too. Once, in a grocery store, before reusable was so common place, I brought mine out and a guy, a few places behind me in line, excused himself, went out to his car, and retrieved his. I felt so good!

    Great job meeting this challenge! :-)

  2. There are so many things that you can do once you really start thinking about it... I have made so many changes in only a few short months. For example, buying food from the bulk bins to reduce packaging, making your foods from scratch instead of getting packaged foods, rinsing out plastic bags and using them again, buying local foods from the Farmer’s market, baking your own bread to save a plastic bag and to use local flour! These all mostly relate to food of course, but this is really where we can eliminate so much of our garbage.

  3. Small Footprints - I think I do it without realizing too! I think I try to find ways to go green in my life, so when I'm with somebody and I notice something, I just mention it and talk about it. I do like that I have a friend who will come to me for suggestions on going green too. I don't consider myself an expert on the topic, but am always surprised when I can answer him. OH cool that you reminded somebody to use their own bags! My husband often comments that I'm the only one using my own bags in non-grocery stores. Maybe others will notice and start using there's too. Oh..and I love when store employee's thank me for bringing my own bags.

    Oneearthtolive - You are so right! So many changes can start just in ones own kitchen. I've been trying to cook more from scratch too. Or rather, making Husband do that since he's the cook (I only bake..which I feel is more important. haha). I even make my own croutons now, which not only saves on the packaging, I end up using the bread Husband would normally throw away because it's getting a bit dry. Win-win if you ask me! I also eat trail mix every day and instead of buying it, I use the bulk bins at stores to gather my supplies and make it myself. Oh..and I'm going to try using bulk for things like sugar and flour too. I've not done it yet, but recently realized Whole Foods offers it, so I'm going to do that next time I need some. This spring I hope to start using local farms from fresh produce and fruit too.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is such a powerful post about how you are sowing seeds at every opportunity. I admire you for that and good luck with your gardening project; it's so exciting to grow your own food :)

  5. Rae - Thanks! I'm really excited to try growing my own food. Lettuce especially, since I eat salad several times a week for lunch. It's not expensive to buy, but growing it myself would still help out a bit.