Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Fit Monday - on a Tuesday

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I totally flaked on posting my workout update yesterday.  Ooops.  It wasn't anything special either.  I'm still not doing full workouts, was still taking it easy after the surgery.  I had actually pulled something or gave myself a hernia or, well, something that was really bothering me last week. Heck, it was so sore just my pants touching it was painful.   So I didn't do any cross-training, I didn't want to chance making it worse.  I did, however, go running.

I ran on Wednesday, I did 4.08 miles in 36 minutes, had an average pace of 8:49 which is close to what my normal pace was.  I was really happy about that.

I ran at Castlewood on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I went by myself and attempted two of the hills that are in the trial running coming up soon. I had to walk up the last part of the second major hill. I wasn't happy about that but since I haven't been working out as often as planned, there wasn't much I could do.  I was also still running on a lot of ice and snow.  I ran 4.64 miles in 49:01 minutes. My average pace was 10:33.  On Sunday I ran with a friend who is doing the trial run with me.  He hasn't run on the trails before so it was a way for me to show him the trails and to run one of the hills.  He was just getting back from vacation so we took it easy, we are both out of shape! lol!   We did 4.08 miles in 01:03:07.  Our average pace was 13:09.  This is slower than normal for me, but it was a great pace and we talked and had fun.  Yes, I said it, we had fun running.

I've been really nervous about the upcoming trail run.  I'm still having trouble with all the hills and the mileage.  The good thing is that when I was finished with the run Sunday I felt like I could have kept going, I felt like I could have easily ran several more miles.  We also ran up all the hills, although we only did one major one.  After Sunday, I'm actually feeling confident that I can do the race. I might be slow but I'm confident I can do it.  I have one more weekend to train and I plan to tackle one of the hills I have only run up twice. I think it's the longest and hardest. If I can do it, I'll feel really good.

So that's it.  I only ran 3 times Monday - Sunday.  How did  you do?

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