Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coupon Savings and Spending - February 2011

I did so much better keeping within my spending budget for February compared to January. In fact, so good that I'm on track for the year now.

Just a recap...what is included in the budget spending that I'm keeping track of is dog food/treats, all groceries, makeup/nail polish, and health/beauty items (excluding prescriptions).  My goal is to be under $300.

For February I only spent $236.03!  Woohoo!  I'm so excited about that!  It would have been higher by about $30 except that when I stopped at Target to get dogfood over the weekend, they were completely out.  Either way, it would have still been in my budget.  Almost all of that spending was on food and keep in mind that most of the grocery shopping is being done at Whole Foods or if at regular stores..it's still mostly on organic items.

The reason I'm so excited my spending in February was so low is that I did so bad in January!  I spent $361.53 on budget items in January.  However, if I average the two months I have an average of $295.35, which means I'm right on target for the year.

I saved a total of $169.21 by using coupons, although only $47.05 of the coupon savings was on budget items.

I saved a total of $55.02 in advertised sales, when known.

This gives me a total amount saved of $236.03 for the month.  Not too bad!

I am keeping track of spending on clothes and shoes (including running/sports items), just for fun.  I bought a new pair of running shoes this past month and a couple of running items.  I spent $110.47.  Still not bad when you factor in the cost of running shoes as being close to or over $100.  I should be set for running shoes for most of the year too...unless I waiver and decide to go with a minimalist pair of trail shoes..which is possible.

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