Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dye your Easter Eggs..naturally!

Photo linked from Adventures on Cooking
I might be late in posting this, seeing as how Easter is this Sunday and most of you probably already dyed your Easter Eggs. However, for those who put the "pro" in procrastination like I do, this is just in time. snicker.

I don't have kids yet so I haven't dyed Easter eggs in years.   However, I imagine one day I'll need to dye eggs again and I'll be keeping this info handy.

Photo linked from Boulder Locavore
Instead of using chemicals to dye your eggs, because you know that's going to end up on the eggs and you'll be eating it right?  How about using natural ingredients to dye them?  Sounds awesome!  The only thing that worries me a bit is..what if it seeps through cracks and does get on the egg, will it change the flavor?  Guess I won't know till I try it.

Since I haven't tried this, I'm not posting photo's or directions but rather I want to link to two different blog posts.  One shoes you how to naturally dye the eggs and gives you directions on how to do it.  The other shows you how to stencil eggs using herbs...trust me, you just have to see it.

Boulder Locavore is your stop for naturally dyed eggs.
Adventures in Cooking is your stop for stenciled eggs.

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