Friday, April 8, 2011

Organization - workout clothes

Living in an area that has 4 changes of season and no gym membership means that I run outside all year round in the 4 seasons.  This means that I have a lot of running/workout clothes because I have to be warm or cool enough depending on what season it is.

I also thrive on organization (but please don't come over and look in some of the closets this weekend, I haven't been able to keep up with organization as much as I would like lately).

So what am I getting to? I re-organized my side of the closet the beginning of winter to accommodate my running clothes and make it more organized.  It was a mess before!  I had all the clothes on two shelves and because I have so many different lengths of pants and shirt sleeves, it was annoying trying to find the right item to wear.

This is what I ended up with, don't you like it?'s how it's organized.  Starting with the top shelf, left side and working down.

Shelf 1: tights (shorts), loose shorts
Shelf 2: tank tops, tank tops (don't fit as well), short sleeves
Shelf 3: long sleeves - thick/warmer, container full of sports bra's, long sleeves - light/not as warm
Shelf 4: tights (capri's), misc tights, tights (long/warm) + a 2nd layer pant
Shelf 5: yoga pants and loose pants, yoga capri's
Shelf 6: (can't really see) I have three containers with socks in them. One is dedicated to running socks. 

I love it! It's so easy for me to find exactly what I'm looking for.   I usually run in the mornings before work so having the items easy to get to is a plus.    Now that it's getting warmer, I'll be switching some items around.  I'll move the long tights and capri's to shelf 1 and the shorts to shelf 4.  I'll swap the shirts too so the tanks and short sleeves are on shelf 3 and the long sleeves are on shelf 2.  

It looks like I have a ton of workout clothes (and Husband would probably agree with you) but the way I see it is that I run 3-4 days a week.  I need enough clothes to get me through a week so I'm not constantly doing laundry.  So that means I need 3-4 of each item for each season.  Most things I only have 3 of right now. Good workout clothes are expensive!  My long running tights cost $50 each full price.  The long, warm shirts are the same price.    The other items are pretty similar in price.  So I tend to only buy when I'm able to get a good deal.  I might like having the official running clothes because they work great, but that doesn't mean I can't be frugal about it.

Oh...and the funny thing about our weather?  A couple of weeks ago I was doing a load of laundry of my workout clothes (I was them all together because I have to use a special detergent) and found it amusing that for one week's worth of clothing I had long tights, capri's, and shorts for my legs.  For my upper body I had  Llng sleeves, short sleeves, and a tank top.  Good ol' Saint Louis weather, gotta love it. 

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