Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Fit Mondays - Week of May 1st

I'm finally back to workout out regularly..and boy does it feel good.   I went through a several week period of eating like crap and barely working out. It always feels good to get back in track.  I'm still not eating 100% better, but I'm doing better than I was.  My problem? Easter candy.  I didn't buy any, but I had some given to me.    While I'm back to working out regularly, I haven't been doing much running.  I want to run, but I also wanted to start working towards a sprint triathlon so I've been doing other cross-training.   I sat down a couple nights ago and created a weekly workout schedule so I can get in runs and still cross train.  It won't totally go into effect until later in the month but I have my fingers crossed it will work.

So here's what I did for the week of May 1st:
Sunday - swam - roughly 10-12 lengths - I don't remember
Monday - This was a rest day although I did have a fitness assessment done at my gym so I did walk on a treadmill for 15 min.  The end result of all the testing..I have the body of a 21 year old.   Go me!
Tuesday - Ran 2 read that right..I only ran 2 miles
Wednesday - Spin class - loved it! Lots of intervals.
Thursday - Soccer - Technically I did sprint and run a lot so I guess it counts for running
Friday - more swimming - There was an old guy walking in the lane next to the one I was swimming in. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or impressed...because he was lapping me.   lol!   I did a total of 10 lengths.
I did 2 easy lengths of what I call a modified butterfly, then freestyle for 4 lengths, 2 lengths using a board and kicking, 2 lengths of combined freesyle and modified butterfly.   This is nowhere close to where I need to be if I want to do a sprint triathlon. I think I've come to the realization that I won't be able to do one this I need to just work on getting better at swimming and focus on running for my next half later this year.
Saturday - run! I finally got out for a run.  I did two runs, roughly an hour apart.  The first run was 2.7 miles and the second was 2.6 miles.

You want to know the best part?  I did all of this..all those workouts, with a cold!

One change that I'm excited about is that I signed up for Big River Running's speed workouts. Big River Running is a local running store and favorite running store in STL.  They put on a lot of the races that I love (such as the Castlewood Cup)   Plus, another reason they are my go to store, they are locally owned. Love supporting the locals.  I have decided not to play soccer anymore because I think it's causing some of the issues I've been having with my back and my IT band.  I used soccer as speedwork (because I'm too lazy to do it on my own).   Since no more soccer after a couple more weeks I knew I would need to do speedwork and since their program is free, it was perfect.  I had to sign up, so I feel like I'm accountable.  Since I signed up I know I'll make myself go even if I don't feel like it that day.  I'm nervous, but I'm excited.  The speed sessions Start on May 10th and are every Tuesday until August 2nd when there is a timed 5k on the track to see what our pace is and how much we've improved.  My goal is to get under 25 min or an 8:06 min/mile.


  1. omg. you are doing so much better than me. congrats that you are finally back to your work out routine. i have been slacking.

  2. Thanks Journey to Green! I think we all slack sometimes and some weeks are better than others. So far I'm doing well this week..just hope that continues. lol