Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another year bites the dust

2011 was an interesting year.  Interesting good, interesting bad.  

I started off the year in high hopes because I had finally begun seeing a fertility specialist (unless you've had diagnosed issues in the past you normally have to wait 1 year before a specialist will see you) and felt that things were finally moving forward.  Only to go through tests and surgery and find that nothing was wrong, the body was just broken.  Then of course incredibly happy when I found out that the drugs finally worked and I was pregnant.  The only issue is that this happened when Husband I were going through some issues.  So in my mind that puts a dent in the happiness factor.

I started off the year training for a 15k trail run and a half marathon. Training on my own. I did awesome, for me, at the 15k trail run and had a very disapointing half marathon.  I then met some local runners and started to run with them and things picked up.  I ended up hitting my time goal for the fall half marathon and being incredibly happy with my training for the year.

I had started eating healthier in 2010 and continued doing that in 2011.  I slowly started to get more organic and all-natural items into our diet. This is still a struggle with Husband as he looks at cost and nothing else. So it depends on who does the grocery shopping. 

I really started to make changes to make our life more eco-friendly.  It's something I had always been interested in and I started doing it in 2010 but 2011 saw me making some major strides. I have indoor laundry lines, I haven't bought cleaning supplies all year, instead I make my own.  I tried my hand at growing tomatoes and was happy with the result, although the lettuce didn't work out.  I cleared land for a vegetable garden for this coming Spring.  I even have a compost area now. 

The year was full of ups and downs for me.  For some reason the end of the year seemed to be the hardest for me and while I want to blame it on the hormones I'm not sure that's actually what's going on.   I found myself doing a lot of searching inside on what I want and what makes me happy and I'm not sure a conclusion has been made yet. I suppose this is probably normal for a lot of people while awaiting their first child.

I can't say 2012 has been off to a great start, heck we're only 4 days into it.  However some major changes are coming and while I'm paranoid about the main one, I'm also looking forward to it and feel I'm ready.  You don't deal with the ups and downs of infertility just to not feel ready when the time approaches.

Here's hoping we all have a great 2012.