Thursday, February 2, 2012

Change the World Wednesday: National Heart Month

This Week's Challenge:

This week (and throughout the month), experiment with left over fruits and veggies by either blending them into smoothies or making soups. Fruits and veggies are very heart-healthy and finding creative uses for them instead of tossing them out is very earth-friendly (especially the ones which are slightly tired - check your refrigerators for these culprits). Be sure to come back and tell us about your efforts ... and offer recipes if you wish.

Hmm...what to do with this one.  The thing is that for the most part Husband and I do really well not letting fruits and  veggies go to waste.  We don't buy a lot at one time, which helps.  

We usually only buy enough fruit to get us through a week, or what we assume we'll eat in a week. Obviously sometimes we don't get to it but it rarely goes bad.  OK, fine, I'll admit that sometimes I let bananas get too ripe so I can make banana bread.  I'm guessing that doesn't really count though.  So for the most part fruit doesn't go bad. If I notice something beginning to go bad I usually will throw it in a smoothie, which isn't a big deal since I make them at least once a week for breakfast. 

Veggies are a different story.  Usually when we buy them fresh it's for a specific recipe. I admit, otherwise we usually buy frozen so we have them when we want them for a meal.  The problem with buying fresh is that a lot of things you can't buy just what you need.  For example, carrots and celery. You have to buy the entire bunch when normally you only need a couple pieces.   This is where we run into problems.   I know I'll need help when it happens again. 

It is winter here, even if the temps have been around 60 recently (boy do I LOVE that).  I imagine this means we'll be making stew and soups several times within the next two months.   I'll have to keep this challenge in mind and try to be better about using the left-over veggies.

On the flip side, now that I can and do compost at home, at least I know they will get used towards something and not go into the trash. 


  1. This is a really good challenge! Like you I compost and I try not to allow anything to go bad.... we do however end up with "rejected" apples, that I turn into apple sauce :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Kelly - I'm going to have to check out the link you posted on Reduced Footprints for applesauce. I noticed I had one going bad that I won't eat, but I do love some applesauce.