Thursday, February 9, 2012

Change the World Wednesday - No Power Exercising

This weeks Change the World Wednesday challenge is:

This week unplug your exercise routine by using no power. No treadmills, ellipticals, gyms, TV, music, or anything powered to assist in exercise. Make your workout Eco-friendly ... and, as always, let us know all about it.

Or ...

If you're not really into exercise, please consider it. In the meantime, take a look at your daily routine and choose one activity which uses power and accomplish it without power. Some examples might be preparing a meal without the use of the stove, washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, visiting friends and family instead of watching TV, etc. And oh yes, we want to know all about it (you'll get points for creativity).

Now THIS is a challenge you know I'm all about. Treadmills are so incredibly boring, I had to do my long run on one several weeks ago and stopped at 8 miles (my goal had been 12) because I was going to shoot myself.  As long as it's not raining I will do all my runs outside.  In fact, up until May 2011 I didn't even have a gym membership. So I either did weights at home or ran outside.   Now that I have a gym membership I do go several times a week for cross-training (swimming and bike).

While normally this challenge would be easy and fun, at this time it's actually one I won't be able to really participate in right now. I have a good reason for that though.  At 26 weeks pregnant I have to play things smart.

Running is starting to become an issue, a lot of ligament pain during and after my runs.  This means I've had to finally convince myself that no more 8 mile or longer runs on the weekend.  I'm trying to convince myself 4 miles is my max. I've also told myself that to keep from running as often during the week (normally I'll try to get in a run outside 3-4 days a week) I need to cross-train more with things that don't cause me as much pain.  This means swimming and biking and that requires my gym.  I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do yet but I think I'm going to drop my runs to 2 days per week and cross-train 3-4.  I've already dropped weight lifting as I realized I tended to still push the weight I was using, or I would say I could do that at home without the use of any devices. 

It's also winter, which means if there is any chance of ice or snow on the sidewalk/street or the weather is misty/rainy, my butt is headed to the gym because it's safest for me right now.    

I would say that I would do this challenge halfway and not use my ipod or my garmin (which tracks my distance, time, pace) however I can't do that either.  Sure, I don't need the ipod and I'll actually keep from using that for a week.  However the garmin I can't give up.  My heart rate monitor is attached to it and I have to monitor it to make sure I don't go over 155 for baby girls health.  

So while I love this challenge and am totally behind it and support it, for obvious health reasons it's not one I can participate in right now.   I can tell you this though.  I love to trail run and I can't do that right now. It's also frustrating to go so much slower that some days the beep telling me I went over 155 and to slow down drives me nuts.  Therefore when I'm given the ok to start running after baby girl arrives, you can bet I'll be outside on the trails as much as possible and I'll probably leave the garmin at home several times.   You can bet I'll be revisiting this challenge later this summer. 

I do have one suggestion for all of you.  While thinking of this challenge keep in mind that one excellent way to be eco-friendly and get in a good workout is to drop your car off for an oil change and run/walk home.  Then when it's ready to be picked up, run/walk to go get it.  I do this almost every time the car gets an oil change. It's a great way to get in a short run and it saves on somebody having to pick me up/drop me off. 


  1. I know how you feel my first thought was 'not his week, the only things I can do is the machines but I'm thinking that next week it might be a possiability, that is if the weather cooperates. So yeah I'm with ya on this one.

  2. I also think maybe if we can minimize it a little bit. Even though I was stuck using the gym and swimming or using the bike, I didn't use my ipod. So that cut down on it a bit.