Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CCTW - Chemical-free and loving it

This week refuse to put chemicals on your body. Read the labels on everything which comes in contact with your skin and only use it if it's chemical free.

Or ...

If your skin is already glowing with chemical-free happiness, please share tips and ideas. Feel free to suggest products or share recipes for homemade items ... tell us about how you transitioned from toxic ingredients to healthy ones ... or share the differences you've experienced since switching over. We'd like to know about anything which will help us eliminate chemicals from our body care products.


Jennifer is raising the bar on this challenge and asks us to research at least one ingredient in our cosmetics. By research she means read at least two scientific studies and/or talk to several chemists/endocrinologists.

I'm a little late, but getting this in just in the nick of time.  I like this challenge at Reduce Footprints because even though I just read it today, I kinda did something for it already. 

Most of the time I have very aware and picky about what chemicals I put on my skin.  So my makeup is already 100%  toxic chemical-free, as is my face wash, etc.

What I wanted to touch on was what to do with a sunburn.  Sure, we all run to aloe vera and I'm sure that's good. Nothing wrong it with.  I have another option for you.  Coconut Oil.  I started to use coconut oil as a face moisturizer a couple of years ago.  You hardly need any and it works so freaking well.   The last time I had a sunburn I put this on because I was too lazy to get the aloe out of the hall closet.  The sunburn never hurt and cleared up super fast.

This past Thursday I went to a baseball game and was outside for several hours.  Silly me forgot sunscreen.  So I came home with a sunburn on my face, arms, legs, and chest.  The chest was the worst.  I immediatly put coconut oil on it.  I did it several times that day. I did it the next day after my shower. I did take aloe to work and after I would pump I would put it on (since I was in a private room anyway).  But at home I would put on the coconut oil.  By Sunday my legs, arms, and face were fine.  My chest was the worst but it didn't hurt at all, just super red.  Today I did notice my chest start to peel, but not bad.

I'm officially sold on coconut oil. I've had to great experiences with it in treating sunburns now.  Plus it's rather inexpensive and lasts an incredibly long time since you don't need much of it.  On a side note, when I make smoothies I also put some in there. 


  1. That is a great tip! I am amazed at how many things coconut oil is good for. Plus I love cooking with it! Saw your link on reduce footprints.

  2. Coconut oil is amazing! We haven't cooked with it yet though. I've heard that it's better for your skin to ingest it, not just put it on as lotion like I do. That's why I also put it in smoothies. Although these days I don't have time in the AM to make smoothies so that doesn't happen often. haha

  3. I am in love with coconut oil. I use it for cooking and moisturizing. My skin has never been happier. I agree with you that coconut oil works better than aloe vera for sunburn. Even when I have gotten back sunburns, they are gone the next day when I use coconut oil. One of my friends tried it after a sunburns and was surprised that it worked so well.