Sunday, September 9, 2012

CTWW - Zero Waste

Here is this weeke's challenge at Reduce Footprints:

For this week's challenge, we're going to join Mrs. Green in (Inter)National Zero Waste Week. This year's theme is "One More Thing" and specifically targets recycling. From the Zero Waste Facebook page: "What 'one more thing' could you recycle in order to reduce your landfill waste at home?" So ... here's your challenge:

This week, consider your recycling habits and decide on one more thing which you can do to reduce landfill waste. Let us know what you're doing, and how, so that we can all learn and be inspired.

And then, if you'd like ...

Visit the (Inter)National Zero Waste Week blog page or the Facebook Page and share your efforts with everyone participating in this year's event (close to 1000 people from all over the world).

So the interesting thing is that I thought about this the other day.  I threw three batteries into the trash can and walked away and went..I bet I should be recycling those.

Now, first I would like to say that if I buy batteries I do buy the rechargeable ones.  However we somehow have ended up with a collection of non-chargeable batteries. I'm not sure how this happens.  So I've started using those when I need batteries just to use them up and get them out of my fridge.   Then I'll go back to being back on rechargable and knowing when I have to buy more, as we replace batteries in things.  I'm sure this will start to happen A LOT as R gets older and we end up with toys that take batteries.

So where can I recycle them?  A quick search on Google provided me with a solution.

You can do an easy search via zipcode and find stores that have their boxes where you can just drop your item in and call it a day.    The first step is done.  Now for the hard part: remember to take the batteries with me next time I'm headed to one of the stores.   

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