Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME

I had a birthday the other week, the 18th to be exact.  (yeah this post is a couple weeks late).  Normally I have issues with my birthday.  This year I embraced it. I said you know what, last year was bad.  Year 33 was a bad year. It had a few very bright spots, the birth of my daughter, but more negative and bad spots than positive.   This year, year 34, is going to be better.   Therefore this year, I'm leveling up.

I will make changes. I will get better. I will take control.  Baby steps but steps are steps.  I started off by celebrating two different days, a week apart, and with different friends.  Surrounding myself with those who like me for me and treat me well, that's the perfect way to start off a brand spanking new year.

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