Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye Make-up Remover

Lately I've been reading more and more about the chemicals found in every-day products that we use and it's rather scary.   So I'm on the trend of getting away from that and moving to more body and earth friendly products.   Don't worry..I'm working on a post as to my findings to share with all of you.  Exciting huh?

This past weekend I stopped at the mall and went to The Body Shop.  I was on the hunt for chemical free eye make-up remover.  I'm about 1/2 way through the bottle of stuff I have at home and wanted to see what was offered.  As you can guess, I walked out of the store with a bag.

I was approached by a sales associate when I walked into the store so I decided to ask her instead of just searching aimlessly.  She directed my attention to a product that was on display right by the door.  Their Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover is actually on sale right now.  The original price is $14.50 but it is on sale for $8.00.  I said..let's do it.  lol!  I knew I would need it when it wasn't on sale, best to buy it while I could save $6.50.

I did use this product yesterday and it works great!  Sometimes I have trouble because of the type of eye-liner I use, but this one did the trick without any problems.    

I also think it's a pretty decent price, for the product.  Sure, $14.50 sounds like a lot. I mean, really $14.50 for a bottle of eye-makeup remover, that's nuts right?  The bottle is 8.4 fl oz, so it comes to $1.73 per oz.   I knew if I had to pay full price for it, I probably wouldn't have bought it that day and would have searched a bit.  However, at $8 for a bottle that is 8.4 fl oz, that's less than $1 per oz.  That I can handle.  Especially when I know I pay roughly $5 or $6 for what I use from a normal store and it doesn't have the added benefit of being chemical free.

I thought I would then see how much stuff is at a normal store, such as Target or Walgreens.  Somewhere that I would normally buy the product.  I new eye-makeup remover was expensive, but this is a bit nuts.    I went online to Target since I don't have plans to do any shopping this week.   I found that a bottle from Neutrogena costs $1.30 per oz.  I found that a bottle from Almay costs $1.89 per oz.  I found that a bottle of Mabelline costs $1.71 per oz.    I'm happily surprised that the product from The Body Shop is actually not expensive.

I also wanted to share this with you because it is on sale right now, but I don't know for how long.  I don't know if it's just this month or longer.  If you are interested in this product, I would get it while it's only $8.

The Body Shop is actually a great company, I love what they stand for.

While at the store I also decided to sign up for their rewards program or whatever it is. It costs $10 to join, but you get $10 off during your birthday month.  Mine happens to be in October so I knew I would remember to shop and get that $10 back.  You also receive 10% off of your purchase and you earn a point for every $20 spent or something like that.    For me, since I'm going the route of non-chemical products, I thought this was worth signing up for for 1 year.  If I don't like it, I don't have to renew.

(I was not offered this product for review, I did purchase it with my own money.)

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