Friday, January 28, 2011

Groupon Deal - Oberweis Dairy

I couldn't pass up sharing this deal.   The Groupon deal for today is $5 for a $10 discount at Oberweis Dairy.  I first mentioned Oberweis in a Change the World Wednesday post in December.
I've switched to buying all my milk (at least what I drink) from Oberweis because they are somewhat local for me and organic.  I like their practices and I think it's important to support companies with practices like theirs.

When I saw this deal today, I knew I had to buy it and I knew I wanted to share it.  If you are in an area that has an Oberweis Store, I recommend purchasing this.  Even if you don't want to buy the milk from them, their ice cream is very yummy!  I might take my Husband to get ice cream with this coupon.

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